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About us

TAIMAI Enterprise is a specialty pharmaceutical company servicing the global customers with a growing list of APIs, chemical and drug intermediates.
We manufacture a wide-array of quality APIs for both Human and Veterinary fields. We are known for identifying the specialized needs and possess the expertise to supply drugs and that exactly is where our specialty lies.

Our production plant setup in Southeast Asia manufacturing facilities and expert teams which ensure that we meet the customer expectations with promptness.

We regard ourselves as a knowledge-driven firm. We place utmost emphasis on innovation and research and operate a truly advanced in-house research wing called Advanced TAIMAI Research Center (ANRC).

Since our inception, our innovativeness and quality have helped us gain the confidence and repeat business from an increasing number of customers world-wide



Contact: TAIMAI

Phone: +86-13062200592

Tel: +86-597-5228011,5228012

Email: sales@taimaigroup.com



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